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Another entry!

I thought I would commemorate the 10th anniversary of brightbrowneyes by reliving my old practice of writing multiple entries in one day. I found a list of 45 things I wanted to do before I die. I wrote it when I was 15, and I think it deserves a bit of commentary.

1. Graduate High School That was the easiest one, I think.

2. get into a top college and graduate I consider UCSB a top college, lol.

3. Attend med school I must have been on crack.

4. Have at least one boyfriend ...

5. Learn how to straighten own hair Also easy.

6. Lose 40 pounds I actually lost 40 pounds from my highest weight back in 2007 to get down to the weight that I was at the end of college. That wasn't my goal weight back in high school, though. I never got there.

7. Rediscover love for writing Still working on that.

8. Visit Florida Walt Disney World, July 2011

9. Vist NYC February 2011

10. Visit France December 2007, and it was not as great as I thought it would be.

11. Learn to play acoustic guitar

12 get drivers license and car Pretty sure this would've happened sometime before I died. I got my car in October 2003 and my licence in December 2003

13. Change handwriting Another... interesting one. My handwriting is now a sloppy mix of cursive, printing and shorthand. So it changed.

14. get a 4.0 or higher Nope. But I was close.

15. Go to a rave Not happening.

16. Avoid getting pulled over by police This one is ongoing, I suppose. How do you cross this off?

17. Get a tattoo This will happen eventually

18. learn how to cook Eh, I don't consider this done.

19. get a puppy Want.

20. buy cigarettes and NOT smoke them Hm... I guess this is alluding to the excitement of being a legal adult. I bought the cigarettes and smoked them, so I guess I failed.

21. go to "happy hour" Done many times over.

22. read all of the Harry Potter books I didn't even know there would be seven at that point.

23. help deliver a baby LOL

24. go to Mardi Gras On the to-do list.

25. maintain good credit So far, so good

26. GET THE LANCE CALENDAR!!!!! Never found it, sadly. I did meet Lance in 2010, though.

27. learn to speak Spanish I should do this,

28. get expensive sunglasses What a goal...

29. win a radio contest Another massive aspiration that is now unlikely to happen.

30. go on a road trip I think I might go on one in New Zealand in February, so that'll happen.

31. NOT ruin a computer Hah, I suppose.

32. go to Chippendales(!!) I need to see male strippers, I guess.

33. meet a popstar I'm obsessed with I'm counting Lance, though I wasn't obsessed with him by the time I met him.

34. go "camping" I think camping meant something else in those days. Not sure what, though.

35. learn how to make something really cool on Adobe Photoshop I learned Photoshop in a COC class and quickly forgot all of it.

36. sleep for 12 hours straight I hadn't done this at 15?

37. get into some (good) mischeif in Las Vegas I did (July 2009), but it wasn't what I was expecting at all. It was... better.

38. score below a 40 Eh.

39. go to a (few) gay bar(s) First, I wonder why I thought this would be cool as a 15 year old girl. I mean, it is. I just wonder what made me believe that. Oh yeah, the hours and hours of Queer as Folk I watched. Anywho. I've been to gay bars on three different continents, so that's done.

40. learn to beatbox effectively Why?

41. have a few good cries What a strange aspiration...

42. get backstage passes Eh.

43. stay in a fancy hotel This would be pretty awesome, actually

44. throw a huge party Meh

45. Have one carefree day At that point, I didn't know my whole teenage experience had been extremely carefree. So I count 13-20 as carefree.

I need to make a new list.
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