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So Happy I Could Die

I'm keeping this one brief. I've been under a lot of stress lately (what's new?) so I thought I'd write some positive things.

Here are some goals for Summer 2011:

Getting Outdoors

I need to be in nature more. Ideally, that would mean hiking and going to the beach, but I'd prefer not to do those things alone and most people don't have time to go around on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. For now, I'm going to hang out by the pool behind my house, run on the nearby trail, and lay out at the park near my work at lunch time. I need to get into much better shape if I'm going to be galavanting half way across the world too.

Cooking (and other domestic things)

I really need to learn how to cook. I can do a few things without poisoning anyone, but most of my attempts to make something even remotely special don't work out. I'm taking a cooking class now and it's really fun. It would be even better if I lived in LA or had a normal work schedule because their classes are offered on weeknights after 6pm or on weekends. I'm doing my best to work around that.

I also need to tighten my cleaning and organizing game. Sometimes I wonder if I have too much stuff, but I realize I haven't bought much of anything except for books since I graduated from college. Maybe I need to go back to an apartment instead of living in a bedroom, haha. In any case, I need to do a huge purge of my meager closet and try to sell or give away most of this junk.

Letting Myself Relax

I've been so caught up with all of the terrible things that have happened this year and trying to make things happen for myself that I just need to chill the fuck out for a moment. I am so lucky to be heading to Disney World in July and I've already started planning to take long weekends here and there. I want to use up all of my personal time and vacation by the time I say sayonara to my job anyway. I have a feeling I will have decent summer - I really need to, anyway!

This post turned out long-ish. Good job on making it this far.
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